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mobilis in mobile

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Gata cu roamingul?

Se pare ca jupuiala utilizatorilor de mobil cu roamingul va inceta din iulie 2014.

From July 2014 you would no longer be charged extra when you receive a call on your mobile phone while travelling in another EU country. Companies would need to offer “roam like at home” packages that apply across the bloc, or allow you to use a separate roaming provider without changing your original SIM card.

International call charges would be capped at the price of a long-distance domestic call and intra-EU mobile calls at €0.19 per minute (plus VAT).

The Commission also supports ‘net neutrality’ – the principle that the Internet should be an open system – which would mean restricting companies from offering deals, for example, on higher data‑transmission speeds, which could restrict access by their rivals.

Chestia asta nu poate decat sa ma bucure ca utilizator de mobil care intentioneaza sa isi schimbe curand numarul de telefon cu un numar cu alt prefix de tara. Smile

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