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The Croc Days Are Over

In ultimii ani am stat pe un shared hosting de la HostGator. In general au servicii ieftine si acceptabile. In general.

Mai precis cata vreme ai site-uri de cateva sute de pagini statice sau aflate in cache, cata vreme nu folosesti prea multe scripturi si mai ales cata vreme ai doar cateva sute de vizitatori pe zi totul este ok.

Distractia incepe cam de pe la 1000-1500 de vizitatori pe zi in sus cand periodic ti se inchide site-ul deoarece "consuma prea multe resurse"...

Unfortunately, we were forced to suspend the script /home/blabla/public_html/index.php as it was causing high loading issues on the server. Due to this affecting all of the other accounts on the system, we had to take immediate action for the health of the server.

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