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Hannes Swoboda

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Moldova are doi dușmani: Rusia și Traian Băsescu

Hannes Swoboda, adversar politic al domnului Basescu (dl. Swoboda este europarlamentar socialist, in timp ce dl. Basescu e neam prin alianta cu popularii europeni) a scos zilele acestea o perla care se voia inteligenta.

Cu referire la simpatiile politice ale Basescului catre Republica Moldova (simpatii de fatada as zice eu, eu personal cred ca Basescu il doare la teava de esapament de moldoveni) zice Hans Swoboda:

"Moldova presently is confronted by two risks, one is Russia and the other is President Basescu. And this is slightly odd for the president of a neighbour country."

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